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Cornell University | PRS at Chesterton House

Chesterton House at Cornell University
Launched PRS in 2019
Location: Ithaca, New York
Time: Every Tuesday Lunch at 12 PM (ET) / Every Friday Morning at 9 AM (ET)
Reading Plan: 45 Min

Ithaca, New York

Every Friday morning, you will find 20 Cornell University students gathered early in the morning listening to God’s word and eating a breakfast prepared by fellow housemates. Chesterton House, a Christian Study Center at Cornell, exemplifies engaging young people on a secular campus with the love of God. The Center attracts students of all denominational and faith backgrounds. Through Chesterton House’s efforts, Public Reading of Scripture (PRS) happens at Cornell twice a week: once in the heart of campus at Sage Chapel and once at the Chesterton House residence. At Sage Chapel as many as 50 participants of all ages hear a 45-minute plan from the PRS app during Tuesday lunch. On Friday mornings, 20 participants gather using the 45-minute reading plan from the PRS app.  

Chesterton House staff Marissa Koeller and Genesis Li attended the July 2023 Young Leader’s PRS Retreat. Marissa says that “Hosting regular Public Readings of Scripture has created a space for anyone on campus to encounter the Bible,” and Genesis notes how PRS has changed her own life, commenting that “Simply absorbing His Word and meditating on the Word in my heart has truly been a transforming experience to me.“

Marissa and Genesis participated in extended PRS of the Gospel of Mark at the Young Leader’s Retreat and hosted students to have the same experience at Chesterton House. During sunset on a late September Sunday, almost 100 students, faculty, staff, and community members, congregated on the lawn at Chesterton House for a 2-hour reading of the Book of Mark from the NKJV Audio Drama Bible. While enjoying comfort food from a local vendor, participants heard the story of Jesus’s life, death, and resurrection, including his final command to “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.” What a wonderful way to go into the world of secular universities and preach the gospel.

Genesis and Marissa from Young Leaders retreat with a fellow retreat participant, Destiny.

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