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Covenant College

Covenant College

Launched PRS in 2021

Location: Lookout Mountain, GA

Time: Every Thursday Lunch at 12pm (EST)

Reading Plan: 45 Min

Lookout Mountain, GA

On Thursdays in the late morning, on top of Lookout Mountain, Georgia you will find a group of students, faculty, and staff gathered to be in community and sit under the Word of God. They are sitting at the College’s overlook in the middle of God’s creation as they take time out of the busyness of life to be reminded of who God is and what He is calling them to. Through the Chapel department’s effort, Public Reading of Scripture at Covenant College has grown from 65 participants to close to 100 on a regular basis.  

This practice has had a profound impact on the Covenant community, with elementary education professor, Dr. Jack Beckman, explaining, “Simply reading an extended piece of Scripture for an extended time became an island respite. This is a demonstration of flouring and shalom at Covenant College. It’s probably the highlight of my week.” Students also leave with the abundance that comes from listening to God’ word with Kendall Barrie ’23 saying, “It [PRS] really does just fill you up for the rest of the day and just fuels you for your ministry and faithful work here.”  

Watch the video below to hear more about Covenant College and their PRS!

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