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Grace Christian Reformed Church

Grace Christian Reformed Church

Launched in June 2022

Location: Grand Rapids, Michigan

Time: 12pm - 1pm

Reading Plan: 50 minutes with Psalm, OT, NT, and Psalm

Grand Rapids, Michigan

Imagine gathering with friends each week, not for conversation, but to embark on a shared journey through God's Word. That's the experience offered by PRS, a program that brings people together to simply listen to the Scriptures, nothing more and nothing less.

Every Thursday at noon, a dedicated group from Grace CRC in West Michigan faithfully sets aside an hour to engage with the word of God. They start with a psalm, delve into passages from the Old and New Testaments, and often conclude with another psalm, creating a tapestry of scripture woven together over time.

The local congregants at Grace CRC are deeply impacted. "Listening to Scripture read each week has blessed us, informed us, and inspired us!" shared Pat and Gary, reflecting on their experience. They describe how PRS offers a deeper understanding of the Bible, revealing connections between different parts and strengthening their appreciation for God's unwavering love.

Trudi finds herself exploring scripture more deeply after each session, while Virginia feels the Holy Spirit guiding their discussions. For Dave, this is the first time he's read the entire Bible, and he cherishes the experience of sharing it with friends. Charles echoes the sentiment, highlighting the value of hearing extended passages with a small group.

Their journey is ongoing, and they've already covered over 72% of the Bible, diligently tracking their progress with the Bible Tracker. They see themselves not just as readers, but as soldiers of God's Word, training their hearts and minds through consistent engagement with scripture.

With each weekly gathering, they gain new insights, forge deeper connections with scripture, and strengthen their bond as a community of faith. If you're looking for a meaningful way to engage with the Bible and connect with others on a spiritual level, consider joining a program like PRS. It might just be the start of your own transformative journey through the word of God.

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