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Holland Christan School

Holland Christian School

Launched PRS in September 2022

Location: Holland, MI, USA

Time: Every Tuesday Morning (7:30am) and Thursday Lunch (11:00am) at Holland Christian High School & Every Tuesday Morning (7:30am) at Holland Christian Middle School

Reading Plan: 25 Min

Holland, MI

Nestled in the heart of Holland, Michigan, a unique melody is playing out. It's the sound of God's Word, uniting teachers, students, and parents at Holland Christian School.

Principal Miles Colago takes Bible reading seriously, and for him, PRS is more than just a program; it's an instrument for building God's kingdom. "Every Christian community should have this opportunity," he insists, "because listening and reading Scripture together is one of the main ways God establishes His kingdom on earth."

Miles wasn't just talking the talk; he walked the walk, too. In September 2022, he helped launch the PRS group at Holland Christian, turning his vision into a reality. Three times a week, the cafeteria transforms into a sacred space, filled with the gentle hum of shared scripture.

Julie, a high school teacher, finds this practice deeply enriching. "Hearing the words spoken," she explains, "unlocks new layers of meaning I might have missed before." Beyond her personal experience, Julie recognizes the global nature of this movement, saying, "I feel part of God's larger story, connected to others doing the same across the world."

The impact extends beyond educators. Hannah, a student-athlete, shares how reading the Bible with fellow believers motivates her. "It holds me accountable," she confesses, "and helps me start my day with something positive, rather than getting lost in distractions."

PRS isn't just about individual transformation; it's about fostering a community of faith. As shared meals follow the readings, connections deepen, bonds strengthen, and a collective understanding of scripture takes root. This shared journey through the Bible creates a vibrant tapestry, woven with threads of faith, fellowship, and the transformative power of God's word.

Holland Christian's story is just one note in the global symphony of PRS. If you're seeking a way to strengthen your faith, connect with your community, and delve deeper into scripture, consider joining a PRS group near you. It might just be the start of your own beautiful harmony with God's word.

See below for a 3-minute video highlighting Holland Christian's PRS morning session.

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