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The Navigators NYC

Navigators NYC

Launched PRS in 2021

Location: East Harlem, New York

Time: Every Tuesday at 12:15 pm EST

Reading Plan: 30-minute

East Harlem, New York

In October 2021, The Navigators NYC launched a PRS group at New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) Public Housing for senior residents in East Harlem. You can find this vibrant PRS group every Tuesday enjoying a lunch and a 30-minute Scripture gathering together. Over the years this PRS group has seen participants who achieved and maintained sobriety from heroin and crack addictions and in 2023, this PRS group supported another participant who was supporting her crack addition through prostitution but has now broken free. When 2 G&M staff participated, they witnessed member of this group who were moved to tears during the audio Bible playing.

We’ve also been encouraged by the creativity initiated by Kenny Cox (Navigators NYC Workplace Ministry Director and NYCHA Outreach Director) in contextualizing PRS for this audience, specifically through empowering and training PRS participants by asking them to prepare opening Psalm introductions. We look forward to seeing how God’s word continues to heal and bless the wonderful community of the East Harlem Johnson Houses.

Watch the video below to hear more about The Navigators and their PRS!

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