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ELIM Christian Services

ELIM Christian Services

Launched PRS in 2022

Location: Chicago, IL

Time: Every Thursday at 12pm CT

Reading Plan: 30-minute

Chicago, IL

Since launching PRS in October2022, ELIM staff have found great comfort and delight in their weekly Bible listening. ELIM Christian Services serves children and adults with all types of disabilities, and the staff don’t often get many breaks in their day. This weekly pause and reflection has become a welcome rhythm. Geena Calomino says that “PRS is a perfect way to calm my week and center me.” Eric Osier says that “the dramatic voices bring the Scripture to life.” Both Geena and Eric got the opportunity to experience the Young Leaders PRS retreat in New York, collaborating with other like-minded leaders in their 20s.

In addition to providing a welcome refuge for staff, school President Bill Lodewyk sees PRS as a way of returning to ELIM’s Christian roots. Bill says that “One of the great challenges that ELIM has today is to maintain our Christian distinctiveness in the midst of a secularized culture. PRS has come alongside ELIM in ways that are helping us place Christ at the center of the lives of our employees.”

Watch the video below to hear more about ELIM and their PRS!

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