Korean American Pastors’ PRS Retreat

New York, NY

In September 2023, Korean American leaders from 12 different denominations and Christian organizations gathered in New York City to learn about PRS. This intensive aimed at understanding the essence of PRS and delving into its historical, theological, and biblical foundations. Beyond mere theoretical knowledge, the retreat emphasized first-hand experience and the critical role of PRS in their lives and ministries.

The leaders were privileged to learn through authentic storytelling sessions led by Dr. Sungwook Chung (Denver Seminary), John Park (Hanbit Community Church, Detroit, MI), and Joshua Jung (Sunlight Grace Church,Orlando, FL), who highlighted the practical application of PRS in real-life contexts. The PRS retreats serve as pivotal moments for leaders to not only deepen their understanding of PRS, but also to rekindle their commitment to its practice.

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