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Peoria Rescue Mission

Peoria Rescue Ministries

Launched PRS in 2021

Location: Peoria, IL

Time: Open to the public on zoom MWF at 11:30am (CST)  

Reading Plan: 20 Min

Peoria, IL

After attending a PRS Retreat for Rescue Mission Leaders,Jon and Jolene Rocke were encouraged to launch PRS at their mission in Peoria,IL. Led by Director of Residential Ministries, Brian Butler, this PRS takes place 3x per week with 75-100 attendees and is broadcast via Zoom for volunteers, donors, staff, and the community to join.

Peoria has experienced a surge in homeless, with rates doubling due to the compounding effects of COVID. In response, Peoria Rescue Ministries increased their capacity by over 150%. Despite rapid change, PRS has remained a constant, centering clients and staff on God’s word. In addition to their larger PRS gathering, PRM expanded the practice to go deeper with clients in their recovery program. This PRS allows the 20-30 students participating at any given time to complete the entire Bible during their 9-month residential stay.

Watch this video to see Peoria Rescue Ministries' encouraging story!

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