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The Denver Seminary-hosted PRS Forum

Denver Seminary
Launched PRS in 2021
Location: Denver, Colorado
Time: Every Monday at 12 PM (MT) / Every Thursday at 6 AM (MT)
Reading Plan: 30 Min

Denver, Colorado

“I have a much stronger appreciation of PRS and what it can do to revitalize churches and bring unbelievers to faith. PRS has changed my life and brought me back to value this means to communicate Scripture.” 
- Richard S. Hess, Distinguished Professor of OldTestament and Semitic Languages

Since 2021, Denver Seminary in Colorado has been holding two weekly PRS gatherings. Each Monday and Thursday, 30 students and staff gather to join PRS.

The seminary hosted the Denver PRS Forum on October 5-7 to further expand PRS and share the importance of hearing God's Word together withChristian leaders in and around the seminary. The forum drew a large crowd, with approximately 40-50 people attending the forum each day to experience PRS and JSU.

During the extended PRS sessions, the participants experienced four hours of the Bible including all of 2 Timothy, Mark, Jonah, andRevelation. They also experienced two JSU book clubs, listening to “Working theAngles" by Eugene Peterson and "Psalms" by Dietrich Bonhoeffer.Another highlight of the Forum was hearing from multiple storytellers includingDr. Sungwook Chung (Denver Seminary), Randy Frazee (Westside Family Church,KS), Scott Vander Ploeg (Sunlight Church, FL), Charles Kim (G&M, NY), and Dr.Kara Powell (Fuller Seminary, CA). The professors who participated affirmed the importance of the biblical aspect of PRS.

“After participating in thePRS forum, I am convinced that any revival for the Church (particularly in theWest) will be sparked by the people of God receiving and submitting to theScriptures together in public. The power of God’s Word is unleashed in a unique way when it is heard in all of its urgency and dynamism. I am hopeful that thePRS will transform the witness and mission of the Church in this generation.”
- Ryan Tafilowski, Chair of the Theology Department, Assistant Professor ofTheology

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