In the Spotlight

The Potter's House

Launched PRS in fall of 2020

Location: Grand Rapids, MI

Time: Mondays during students’ Advisory Class,Tuesday mornings for staff

Reading Plan: 15-20 minutes of listening

Grand Rapids, MI

Originating as a weekly program for low-income neighborhood kids on the southwest side of Grand Rapids, The Potter’s House is a school that now enrolls 670 students who represent 34 countries of origin.

 In the fall of 2020, they launched PRS and now have 3 PRS sessions across student, staff, and volunteers. On Mondays during Advisory Class, 260 high school students and 25 staff (16 groups of 15-20 participants) listen to PRS. In the 2022-23 school year they listened through the Gospels and now are currently reading through the Psalms. On Tuesday mornings, staff and faculty gather to hear the New Testament read out loud by a rotation of experienced readers.

The Potter’s House has an evangelical ethos, equipping students to “follow God through a lifetime of faithful service in His kingdom.” Various students with a non-faith background have found Christ throughout their years as students and we are encouraged to see PRS as an integral part of this life transformation.

Watch this video to learn more about The Potter’s House and their model of PRS for students and staff!

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