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Union Rescue Mission

Launched in July 2019

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Time: 6:30am every day (Men's Discipleship Program); 7:30am every day (Women's Discipleship Program), and daily staff devotions

Reading Plan: 30 minutes with Psalm, OT, NT, and Psalm

Los Angeles, California

Union Rescue Mission (URM) has such a high value of Scripture that it is infused in all that they do. When walking around their campuses you’ll see verses painted on the walls, framed in pictures, spoken in words, but you would also notice that clients, staff, volunteers, and board members take time to gather in community to listen together to God’s Word.

Everyday people who are choosing to wake up at Union Rescue Mission at 6:30am and participate in Public Reading of Scripture. The impact that it has is not just in the eternal, but it is helping men and women remember how God sees them and what they are capable of doing.

This has impacted their community tremendously with Peter Coward, URM's chaplain, describing, “In a world where we hear a lot of different voices, the first thing we do is we attune to what God is saying to us. And I personally want them to take that home to their families. I believe that is what the legacy is for URM.” Not only do they see the value for their clients, but know that this hard work can only be sustained through God’s grace. Jeff Hudson CEO says, "The only way we're able to keep doing what we're doing is by being nurtured by the Scripture every day and by taking that same nurturing and sharing it with others.”

This practice is a grounding practice that anchors both their staff and clients alike to the opportunity that all have when they walk through URM’s doors, to experience God’s grace and goodness.

Checkout this video capturing more about Union Rescue Mission and their PRS community.

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